Saving money through energy efficiency

It is an economic crunch time and we all are worried about our expenditures and bills. It seems almost impossible to be able to save money. But here’s the good part: You can still save up a lot of money by taking steps towards energy efficiency. Investing right means saving money and saving the planet.

1. Adjust your day-to-day behaviors

Small behavioral changes can have a significant impact on your utility payments. From small changes like switching off an appliance on standby to making bigger lifestyle changes like using public transportation, day to day changes in your lifestyle have a far reaching impact not just on the environment but on your wallets as well.

2. Replace your light bulbs

An LED bulb with the same brightness as a CFL saves upto 50% of the power being used. These energy efficient LED bulbs will save you a lot more money and generally have a payback period of about 1 year only!

3. Purchase energy efficient appliances

Latest appliances are a lot more energy efficient than older ones especially the ones used for heating and cooling. Air-conditioners and refrigerators use about 50% energy in a household. This can be reduced significantly by replacing older appliances with new, DC inverter ones. Some brands claim upto 75% energy savings on their inverter appliances!

4. Install energy efficient windows

Did you know that about 50% of the heat that enters our buildings is through windows. Replacing single pane windows with double pane ones can significantly reduce the incoming heat. You can upgrade your windows further by applying heat/solar films on your windows. Heat films can reject upto 80% of solar energy and blocks harmful UV rays from entering our homes.

5. Move towards solar power

Homeowners and businesses both can benefit greatly from moving towards solar power.  Pakistan has on average 300 sunny days annually which means solar energy is a very worthwhile investment. Now that net-metering has become possible in most cities, installing solar panels means not only can you save money by producing your own electricity but you can also sell the excess electricity to your utility company thereby earning money as well!


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