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Technological advancements have made solar one of the most cost effective energy solutions in today’s time.Considering Pakistan's favourable irradiance levels and high grid prices, the installation and usage of a solar energy system can redeem its own cost in less than 5 years, while continuing to provide power for over 20 years.

Davaam Solar aims to create cost effective and reliable sources of power that can bring down the basket power cost for a large facility. The cost per unit of solar, averaged out over 20 years, can be as low as PKR 6/unit. Davaam ensures that the client is aware about all the variables in making a sound financial investment.
We at Davaam conduct competitive bidding amongst top solar providers to provide the most cost-competitive solutions. There are multiple brands of solar panels & inverters and a varying degree of service from installers. Davaam ensures an optimum return on investment and helps the client navigate through their needs with a step-by-step process:

1 - Understand the client's needs and conduct an analysis of their current power costs.
2 - Arrange bids from top-end suppliers.
3 - Provide financial analysis based on realistic scenarios.
4 - Facilitate in the negotiation process and in securing finance.


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