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Davaam waste aims to help businesses create a customized program to manage their waste in an eco-friendly manner. The waste management cycle consists of six steps which includes Source Separation, Waste Collection, Waste Sorting, Waste Audit, Recycle and Disposal. Davaam aims to reduce the amount of trash ending up in landfill to be reduced to 15% of the total waste collected and reduced to 0% within two years of operations.
Davaam manages waste by following these steps:

1 - Source Separation
Waste is separated into three different streams at its source. The streams are paper, plastic and organic waste.

2 - Waste Collection
We collect waste from individual facilities with specialized vehicles.

3 - Waste Sorting
Waste is brought to a centralized location and accounted for into its separate streams.

4 - Waste Audit
A waste audit is conducted to collect data, improve waste collection and usage.

5 - Recycle
Recyclable waste is sorted and prepared for reuse.

6 - Disposal
Non-recyclable waste is reduced immensely in volume and eventually disposed off in landfills.

Davaam serves 100+ facilities including households, shops, facilities, restaurants, offices and schools. After acquiring and managing waste from these facilities what remains is 50% of organic waste, from which organic compost is processed, refined and packaged into marketable products. This compost is available at the Davaam life store and DVM marketplace online.


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